Comedy Masala 4.0 gets even better!

Comedy Masala is back with its exciting new lineup of international comedians all set to perform on September 14-16, 2017 in Karachi.


5 shows for three nights, Comedy Masala has already become the most sought after event of Karachi with the promise of making everyone laugh till your stomach hurts.  I have been regularly attending all their shows in Pakistan to date and oh lord it gets too much to handle because non stop laughter…each act just gets better and better!

The ticket sales have started online with free home delivery Comedy Masala

Visiting Pakistan this year are:

1) RON JOSOL, the Canadian comedian who is RUSSELL PETERS opening act! Ron has toured and opened for his mentor Russell Peters, and has a few jokes about Russell in his act! Ron is hilarious, and has featured on NBC, Showtime, Gotham Comedy Live & Comedy Central.

Here’s a glimpse of his act from 2011…

2) RORY LOWE, the Australian comedian who is funny, kind of insane & alumni of (sold-out shows) the Perth, Adelaide & Melbourne Comedy Festivals. Rory has been tearing it up across Australia, and most recently in Malaysia, and at Comedy Masala, Singapore!

Here’s a sneak peek for you:

3) MARKUS BIRDMAN, the UK comedian who is a 20+ year veteran in the industry. Markus has been featured on NETFLIX (Live from Amsterdam), Comedy Central, BBC1, BBC3, ITV, Channel 4 & Paramount. Markus was voted as 2013 Top 10 Comedians by TIMEOUT Magazine, London.

All 5 shows will be hosted by Comedy Masala founder & Pakistani comedian, UMAR RANA (seen on Comedy Central Asia & voted 2013 Top 10 Comedians in Asia by Top 10 Magazine).

The COMEDY MASALA INTERNATIONAL franchise will continue to bring live international stand-up comedy to Pakistan, featuring comedians from North America, Europe, Australia & South East Asia. Comedy Masala will expand to Dubai, Lahore & Islamabad in 2018. Comedy Masala (Singapore) is currently Singapore’s biggest & most popular weekly stand-up comedy show, and has been listed by Traveller.Com (Australia) as one of the World’s Top 10 comedy nights. Comedy Masala has been aired on popular TV channel, Comedy Central Asia.





Sooper Makes Pakistan Sooper Proud!


This year was the 70th anniversary celebration of Pakistan and we saw everyone Sooper hyped up about it. From brands to families, everyone celebrated it by going out of their way, feeling patriotic and zealous about this country of ours. And why not? It is undoubtedly Sooper and no matter what happens, its ours!

Sooper, country’s favorite biscuit brand, celebrated Pakistan’s 70th anniversary by breaking a world record by making the Largest Cookie Mosaic in the shape of Pakistan’s flag made with 150,000+ cookies measuring 226.51 m2  (2,438.15 ft2).

Peek Freans Sooper, Pakistan’s favorite biscuit, wanted to unite the country under one umbrella with the inspiring and positive message of “Sooper Hai Pakistan”. On the 70th Independence Day, the EBM family came together to do the impossible… to set a new Guinness World Records title! The plan? Build the world’s largest cookie mosaic … in the shape of Pakistan Flag with a solid resounding message of how Sooper a nation it is!

The team worked with great fervor and passion as they slowly pieced together the mosaic, block by block, biscuit by biscuit with none other than, Peek Freans Sooper cookies themselves. With hard work, dedication and a Sooper attitude, the flag mosaic was finally completed in 6.5 hours.

Upon completion of the cookie mosaic, the biscuits were distributed in custom built containers to notable charities across Pakistan.

What does your choice of chocolate say about you?

Psychologists have their ways around things. They somehow are able to pin a meaning to everything we do. So apparently, our choice of chocolate also says a lot about us. Since I am a huge CHOCOLATE fan. Yes, major chocoholic. If it were in my hands, my day would start and end with a chocolate bar. But then thanks to God for pouring in some sanity and making me realize that it gives you temporary happiness and gives you a lifetime of difficult fat, hard to lose. So, yeah. Anyways, I am digressing from the topic so coming back at it. Here we are (my boss’s favorite line and I love to use it myself! :D):

  1. Milk Chocolate Lovers

milk chocolate

There is nothing in the world that a chocolate cannot fix. So apparently people who love milk chocolate like to play safe because nothing can go wrong with a milk chocolate after all. They go for the standard and are considered boring, lol. I am one of them too. Well two things I don’t like going wrong with, my beef burger and my chocolate. Don’t mess with them! Also, the nothing-can-go-wrong trait of a chocolate lover also shows they are reliable as friends and generally as people.

2. Caramel Chocolate Lovers

These people love luxury in their life. They like to pamper themselves just like the creamy, luscious caramel. They love thy self!


3. Mint/Dark Chocolate Lovers

Those who love dark chocolate or mint chocolates are adventurous people and like to live on the wild side of life. They love to experiment and they don’t shy away from sharing their opinion with the world.


4. Nut Chocolate Lovers

The nut chocolate fans come across as mature people. They have very well developed taste palettes. They are generally very to the point in their communication without any hidden meanings. No bullshit!


6. Kit Kat lovers

Yeah, that’s a separate category because these are the nicest people you will ever meet. Simple and genuinely good people. Chirpy and happy-go-lucky.


Haha I got you indulged in chocolate didn’t I? How I know? Oh well, you missed the fifth category. Well here it is. It’s a shame, so I have decided I am not putting it on my list of categories even.


giphy (2)



What makes Ramadan so special?

Ramadan, the 9th blessed month of the Islamic calendar comes with much hype and rightly so. Ramadan is a very special month, it brings with itself lots of blessings, moments of happiness and togetherness and most importantly, spirituality.

What is Ramadan ki Khushiyan for me? What makes Ramadan so special? Below are my simple reasons of why I love this month the most out of all the months:

Blessings of Ramadan – it’s right there. You can feel it in the air around that Allah has blessed this month.You have plenty of time to spend with your family. There is so much good food around. There is the call to prayer and one wants to respond to that call. Devils are chained so you see less evil around. And the list of blessings is endless.


The feeling of sharing – Ramadan brings with itself this beautiful feeling of sharing. One wants to share whatever there is, be it monetary or food or clothes or in whatever form, not only with the less privileged but also with our loved ones around. Ramadan gives all of us the moments to express our gratitude and love towards others. And the feeling of giving cannot be expressed.


Getting close to your spiritual self – Every once in a year, with Ramadan, one becomes a step closer to our spiritual self. Throughout the year, everyone is busy with their routines but Ramadan and its holiness gives one the chance to not only devour in good food but also in finding connection with your spiritual self. It’s a step closer to God. It’s a step closer to finding your true self. And it’s as important, in my opinion, as exploring oneself to know what your strengths and weaknesses are.

Muslim man prays in mosque

So Ramadan ki Khushiyan are countless: getting early off from work, coming home in broad daylight, family suhoor and iftaar get-togethers.

Sensodyne also decided to spread #RamadankiKhushian and this is how they did it 

If you feel, I have missed out on reasons, please feel free to share in the comments below 🙂

Happy Ramadan!

5 reasons why you should join Fit in 5

I started my Fit in 5 journey 5 months ago with a thought in mind, ‘let’s give it a try’, without knowing that after taking just one session I will be advocating this lifestyle. Fit in 5 is a five weeks fitness training program that combines the goodness of clean eating with a rigorous work out regime. The work out offers a mix of balanced routines which include MMA, Sandbag and Crossfit style training in high intensity – taking one from easy to harder levels of training from week one to week five.

Here are my 5 reasons of why I advocate joining Fit in 5 or incorporating fitness in your lifestyle:

  1. You can do this!


Fitness boot camps are like the best way to show you what you are capable of as a person because they are not easy. I always pat my back after each session because only I know the hard work that is going in to lose every inch. Moreover, a good fitness trainer is like a dream come true and that’s exactly what I feel is the best part of Fit in 5. Trainers here give you personal attention, listen to your endless rants about weight, respond immediately to all sorts of queries irrespective of how stupid they are or at what time of the day you question and most importantly encourage you enough so you can go beyond your own set boundaries.

  1. Food is no longer your go-to stress reliever


We all take food as our companion for stressful times. As they say, “Food doesn’t complains, it only listens to you.” Well it’s kinda right except that after all that binge eating you are the one left behind complaining about that bulgy fat popping out of your tummy. Binge eating is the worst that you can do to yourself and that is what Fit in 5 stops you from. It advocates a clean eating lifestyle by allowing you to eat from every food group except fats (well, ofcourse!). So not only that you learn to control those sudden cravings but also because you have set a goal for yourself and nothing, absolutely nothing, should come in between. Not even food!

  1. Working out makes you a conscious person


It changes your lifestyle. Yes it literally does. You consciously opt for healthier options, even if that means walking an extra mile just to get a subway, or getting up early to cook food before leaving for work. You start counting calories, and that is no madness, but that is actually being mindful of your actions. And even if one meal missed, you actually end up feeling bad!

  1. Exercise makes you feel happy


Like Elle Woods says in Legally Blonde, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy”. It is scientifically proven that when you work out, your brain activity increases, and it releases endorphins which not only help in releasing stress but they give you that extra boost of happiness. You feel more happier and lighter…woohoo!

  1. Nothing beats a compliment


Well, as much as I try to be humble, it shows on my face because after all that work out there is no feeling better than a compliment. So get ready and start living a healthier lifestyle because each one of us definitely deserves a compliment!

After completing three sessions with Fit in 5 and losing almost 18Kgs in the last 5 months, I can assure you that joining Fit in 5 will be the best decision of your life if you want to lose weight. Not only the trainer provides you with a customized plan and personalized attention, but there have been days when I have been just blech and they encouraged me, and there have been days when I have had broken ankles but their expertise and concern has always helped me in coming back again. Totally looking forward to the next session now…by the way, the registration has started, check out their website for more details:

Fit in 5: my weight-loss journey…

The end of the university life was almost like an end of an era. There was no time to eat on time let along eating healthy. After a hard day at work, it seems too much of an effort to even think about going to a gym. From dine-outs with colleagues/client to hangouts with friends,  it became all about food. Yes, I am a foodie at the cost of my weight on the scale.

I recently went on a trekking trip with friends to Fairy Meadows and Nanga Parbat. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to the base camp and that was only because I had absolutely no stamina to walk. That caught me really bad and I decided that as soon as I go back I need to fix my lifestyle. I am a traveler at heart and I cannot let my health ruin that for me. So I decided to join Fit in 5. Even convinced a friend to join with me.

How I stumbled upon Fit in 5? I was searching up online for fitness trainings in Karachi. Called up many people but none could give me a satisfactory/personalized response. Finally talked to Mustafa – the brains behind this fitness child – and he genuinely responded to all my queries and concerns. That’s where I decided let’s give it a shot!


When I started off my journey, I had a feeling I won’t last long. I was motivated but I am a restless soul. Super impatient. If I don’t see the results then there is nothing that can keep me going. I had a goal of atleast 10 kgs in mind but somewhere I knew that this is impossible to achieve. Voila, 9kgs after 5 weeks, achievement unlocked for me!

My advice: keeping it healthy is important. You will lose weight but you shouldn’t lose your mind. The healthy lifestyle that Fit-in-5 advocates for is bound to make you feel good because you feel light and more active.

My 5 weeks were as follows:

Week 1: I was out of city for a business trip so missed my first session. We were given the meal plans well in advance. The first week was about the High Carb Low Carb diet. The meal plan was fairly simple. My day followed the following routine:

Breakfast at 9am: Boiled eggs

Mid-day lunch at 12pm: 72gms of chicken (everyone had a different measure) cooked in 1tsp of oil with brown bread and boiled veggies

Lunch at 3pm: Same as above

Early dinner at 6pm: Boiled chicken salad

Dinner at 9pm: Same as above

1 glass of detox juice


This was simple. Customized according to the required weight loss each one of us needed. More so, we were all added to a whatsapp group managed by the trainer, Mustafa Totana. The whatsapp group was really beneficial in clarifying all confusions about the meal plan and it was a great motivation to see everyone is going through the same thing. I had literally days where I would vent out and then all the other participants would like come to rescue.

The workout of the first week seemed like the agony of hell. No kidding. It was really painful. Obviously, why wouldn’t it be? Working out after a long time had to come with consequences. At Fit in 5, the workout is different every week. Similarly, it’s different every alternate day as well. So for instance, if we were doing Cardio on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays then there was weight training on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The workout was so deadly that I couldn’t walk without holding on to walls. It was not just me alone, everyone who was doing it for the first time, just couldn’t walk. We were all limping. Honestly speaking, it was at this point that I wanted to run away. I really did want to but then what stopped me was my guilt. The guilt of gaining weight which was now painful to lose. The guilt of compromising on a healthy lifestyle for all these years.

Sundays was a detox day till next 5 days. Just like 5 meals a day, we had to take 5 glasses of the detox juice with 3 hour interval each. The idea was to cleanse our system. I can literally do another blog on the benefits of detox that I experienced myself. So this habit I am for sure never letting go.

Week 2: The meal plan was the same. The pain was the same. The workout was different. But slowly and gradually we started enjoying the pain. It was the sweet pain of exercise because you knew that you will for sure get some results. The ones, who were doing this for second or third time, shared their stories, from what they started to where they have reached now. And I decided in my head, if they can do it, so can I. So now there is no turning back.

Week 3: This was a veggies week. So my meal plan was as follows:

Breakfast at 9am: Oat meal

Mid-day lunch at 12pm: Lentils (kali masoor only) or Black chickpeas salad

Lunch at 3pm: Vegetables (cauliflower, loki, brinjal and okra was allowed only) with brown roti

Early dinner at 6pm: Almonds (7-8 only)

Dinner at 9pm: Vegetables with brown roti

1 glass of detox juice

This meal plan was tough. Why? Because I am not a big fan of veggies. I am sure a lot of us are not and thus are unhealthy lifestyles. Also, I don’t like food with tomatoes so which meant all the veggies I had to cook in yogurt. Tough call. But somehow lived through it. By the end of the week I was super bored and monotonous with this food.

Workout was 2 levels up. Yes, the idea was that every week a new workout regime will be introduced which will be tougher than the previous week. The pain was going. The results were coming. I could feel myself lighter although no changes in weight but the healthy food was making me feel good. And eventually each one of us started enjoying the workout. I use to look forward to it because the workout was not only bringing stability in my life but it was also strengthening. Most importantly, during workout, I felt I could breathe better. The work stress would completely wipe out. All the more reason to do it better.


Week 4: Meal plan same as above. Workout regime more advanced. Detox was showing great results on my skin: less oily, fresher looking and glowing. I was feeling light and everyone started noticing. It was the week when I had my birthday. The one day everyone looks forward to the entire year. Since I hadn’t cheated single time on my meal plan, I decided not to do it on my birthday either. But every Saturday one could avail a cheat meal.

Week 5: This was the last week and surely the most deadly. Exercise was much tougher. Meal plan was to have everything boiled. So my day followed like:

Breakfast at 9am: Boiled eggs

Mid-day lunch at 12pm: 1 Apple and 1 Banana

Lunch at 3pm: Boiled chicken with veggies

Early dinner at 6pm: 1 apple and 1 banana

Dinner at 9pm: Boiled chicken salad

1 glass of detox juice

The 5th week was when everyone around me started noticing the change. I was feeling it too but I couldn’t see any difference in myself. But my colleagues, friends, family everyone did. There ended the 5 weeks journey. But our trainers were nice enough to give us the maintenance regime as well.

Losing 9kgs in 5 weeks was definitely not something I expected of myself. But that’s the thing we expect too little of ourselves. One thing I learnt from this journey was the realization that my life can’t evolve around what a stupid little scale says. What matters most is that I feel healthy and am genuinely happy. And you know what, I am!

Also, another reason why you stay motivated is because of the trainers. They will continuously buck you up, support you, be mad at you if you skip and most importantly be there to pull you up again when you just want to give up!

I’ll continue on my journey of eating healthy and staying active. Can’t wait to start my next session! 🙂

Parchabafi – from the streets of France to your closet!

French art is one of the oldest European art forms. It has survived many centuries, gradually evolving as France progressed, and has incorporated all eras within. From the Romanesque times, where art use to revolve around the church and its agenda, to the renaissance…even today you can see a reflection of the great changes the country has undergone through its art.

Recently, I visited this exhibition by Nida Peracha, the owner of the apparel brand – Parchabafi, and the shopoholic in me was dancing with joy to see her collection. Primarily because anything that connects me with my dream places to be always makes me happy. Like my recent buy from Sapphire, that is a digital printed Kurta, reflecting the beautiful country, Rome. Similarly, Nida Peracha’s latest collection is inspired by French Art and finely hand painted. Launched right before Eid, the timing was absolutely perfect, all the more reason to do some shopping.

Here’s a sneak peek from her collection:



11252729_1009794379033662_931309555407398749_n (1)


Parchabafi 1

Parchabafi 2

Upon speaking with the designer, I found out that Nida has been in the industry since quiet sometime designing clothes for her friend and family. Now she has decided to launch her own line and this was her 2nd exhibition. Both the exhibitions got an overwhelming response and why wouldn’t they, her clothes were an epitome of class and elegance. Absolutely drool worthy!

So if you want to place an order for the next shadi jora or looking for the perfect outfit for your next ‘big’ meeting, she is your bet. Get in touch with her right away on:  Facebook page: and Twitter:

Till then stay tuned for more updates…since the salary just got credited and the shopoholic in me is happy again! =D

Pakistan – from the eyes of its people! #SunehraPakistan

When I was in school, the celebrations surrounding 14th August would really get everyone excited. Now, although I have grown up, but seems like as a nation we are not progressing, we are going backwards. That too because of our media’s seeding, the negative seeding of this country. When HONY came, not just foreigners, but also us, we all got to see a different side of Pakistan. That is because media loves selling controversies, hate stories, conflicts because that’s what sells. Pakistan is a beautiful country, with amazing people, how many of us believe in that? Let alone people from outside Pakistan.

This year’s Independence Day was celebrated by a lot of zeal and passion by brands. Soneri Bank through its intiative #SunehraPakistan brought together the youth of Pakistan from different cities around the country sharing the beautiful side of our country, the side that you can fall in love with in just one look.

SP 1

SP 3

SP 4

SP 5

A big thank you to Soneri Pakistan for making us fall in love with our country all over again.

This independence day lets give it a thought. Rather than acknowledging our independence and showing love for country on just one day. We have to instill the idea, within us and in our future generations, that small acts of doing things right is a way of showing love to your country, not just one day but every day.

Also, I strongly believe in the power of education. For anything to grow strong, it’s roots have to be even stronger. The growth of this country depends on the foundation laid, and the strength to this foundation is provided by education. In my opinion, education is single-handed solution to bring this nation on the path of succeed and glory. There is no dearth of talent in this country, our youth just needs direction and the right guidance, which can only come with education. Not only educate with books but through other means available to all of us such as social media. We can show the world what a truly beautiful this country is and how resilient the people are. When HONY can, why not us? Let’s do this!

May our country live long and prosper forever! Pakistan Zindabad!

Kapray – the newest pret store on the block!

Being a working woman is NOT easy. It comes with added responsibilities and tasks which means you have less time to do things you love. By things you love, I mean:

1. Sleep obviously

2. Shopping – well, when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping (personal mantra)

3. Spending time with family

So then you start looking around for ways of multi-tasking and managing the things you love with the limited time you are left with. I love shopping but I am very finicky too when it comes to shopping especially buying clothes. I was on the look out for a good pret store for my ready-to-wear-to-work collection for quiet some time.

Before Eid, a new story by the name of Kapray launched at the Dolmen Clifton, right next to Sana Safinaz, which by the way is a one-stop shopping for the entire family. It has everything that you need such as, men’s wear, women’s wear, for kids, and home. It offers trendy pret wear at a great prize with amazing quality.


Quality is my top priority when buying clothes because I don’t believe in disposable stuff at all. Since Kapray controls its processes in the supply chain starting from fabric construction to the finished product, it ensures high quality and aims at exceeding customer expectation. Also, the fact that more brands are now getting into this retail apparel business means more competition, which will lead to good quality products and at affordable prices, a win for consumers.

Kapray is for anyone who wants to keep up to date with the current fashion trends. With new collections launching every two weeks, Kapray is the perfect fashion companion for you and your family. Offering products in four categories; Man, Woman, Kids and Home, Kapray is a one stop solution for all your style needs. Also, not only it is just an apparel store but it also has accessories including shoes, bags, and even unstitched fabric.

Kapray, is a brand of Al-Rahim Textile Industries Ltd which is a renowned home textile manufacturer and exporter since the past 24 years.


To stay updated on their upcoming designs check out:

Dolmen Shopping Festival – shopping at its best!

We always complain about how there are no crazy sales like the ones that happen across USA during Black Friday or New Year holidays. Surely, there aren’t any. Somehow are retailers want to charge higher in the holiday season rather than offering discounts. But this time around, Dolmen Shopping Festival, moved a step forward in terms of holding sales and providing discounts.

DSFKHI brings together three Dolmen shopping malls, Clifton, Tariq Road &Hyderi, with more than 50 brand partners and over 100 outlets are participating in the 18-day Dolmen Shopping Festival, offering an array of attractive weekly cash prizes, special offers and discounts at all participating outlets.

The festival kicked off on December 20th with a sombre tribute for the children who lost their life in the Peshawar school attack. Speaking at the opening, Mr. Adnan Maqbool, General Manager Marketing for Dolmen Malls said, “We are dedicating the entire Dolmen Shopping Festival to the children of Pakistan.”

Adnan Maqool, GM, Dolmen Mall talking at opening


The most interesting activity for this festival was the first-of-its-kind scavenger hunt for bloggers with exciting prizes. The bloggers were briefed about the Dolmen Shopping Festival at Barista Lavazza and served refreshments. This was followed by the much anticipated DSFKHI Treasure Hunt. Around 40 bloggers and influencers made their way across Dolmen City Mall whilst trying to complete the given set of tasks in the allotted time. It was a fun-filled activity and made all of us realize there’s so much still left to explore at Dolmen Clifton. It is undoubtedly my favorite mall of Pakistan.

So for all those shopaholics who have missed out on #DSFKHI follow twitter to see what’s happening and wait till the next one happens! 🙂

DSF Blogger Meetup Group